Saturday, February 12, 2011

Long time!

I dint write for a long time.. not a very eventful week..

Went to the rivermark again with Aaron's team. I met a honoree- Theresa. It was inspiring to hear about her cancer and how she came out of it.. These people are really inspirations - First Ron and now Theresa. They easily say that they had cancer about a year or two ago and then they are able to do whatever they are doing - Run or walk and going on with life as if its all a simple cold! And here I am who complains when I have a small cut on my finger while cooking..

Thursday : Track Workout
Wanted to do some car pooling, but dint find anyone to do it, so went out on my own.. long way to Los Gatos High School. I just thought of accompanying the walking sisters - Shalin and Sheetal and missed what the coach said. I started my first lap very late and finished as the last even in walk team :(.. we did 2 miles in all - running and walking.

Made new friends - Suresh who works in my own building - ready for a car pool on Thursdays and met Ashoken and Ritu.

Saturday : OYO at Rivermark
We had a small group for the OYO runs. Chris was there with his dogs - Sasha and Timber. I was tempted to adopt a dog after seeing them.. I started off with the group but ended up being the slowest again and finished as the last. It was a 3.5 miles and i was also playing with my GPS watch.

Water pouch, GPS Watch, head band - I am getting bulky with all my accessories. I need to see how I can really speed up.

I should also start with all my cross training. My fundraising has hit a plateau. I need to see if i can find more people to ask money from.. I think the enthusiasm is slowing down a bit - except for the energy I have when I come back from my runs! I think i can motivate myself to run all along even in next seasons!

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  1. gr8 writing there Poorna!!Keep it up n do peep in to my cookery blog too!