Friday, February 4, 2011

First Workout

This is my first Workout day. I was late by couple of minutes when I reached the Los Gatos High School for the workout session, but then it was ok since as soon as I joined, we had to move to take positions for the workout.

For the first 30 minutes we did various exercises - squats, jumps, swinging one leg and hands, downward dogs, pushups etc. Everything was done as a team - and we were asked to keep up the pace with others. I found that my body was lot more flexible than I thought!

The Next 30 minutes was run - actual running in the track. We ran around the track first time in a conversational pace. And then we did a real run - panting for breath. Third lap was just a walk. Fourth lap was a run. So, we repeated this run and walk for about 6 laps.

There were people joining late and later!.

After this, we went to the Willow Street Wood fired pizza. I did the "Hang with the Gang" only because it was pizzzzza! They had booked for a table of 30, but then it turned out we were about 40, and others had to adjust. Some did timeshare spaces, some took another nearby table.. I ordered a Mediterrean Pizza. I met a few new people - Rina, a Canadian who is a teacher for small kids in San Jose. Shalin and Sheetal from Kerala, Sheetal is into Wind energy domain and Shalin is looking to get into some Semiconductor company.. It was good to see new faces and talk to them.

I went home thinking about my 9:00 PM meeting!

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