Friday, February 25, 2011

Duck Walking - Luv Ya..

OK. Two weeks! Please dont think I was in my warm couch sipping some hot tea, since its raining heavily..

Rain or Shine - Together to train!

Ofcourse, I need to admit that I was lazying around on Tuesday 15th, Feb, dint want to go run after a long day at work..

Thursday - Feb 16 - it was raining, but we had a good workout. I was in the track running and sweating. We did multiple laps. Many people whom I had known, dint turn out due to rain I guess.

Saturday Feb 19 - I was late as usual, and I was searching for parking.. The day was very beautiful when I got up, sunny and warm, but as I drove to the Los Gatos Creek Trail, it was drizzling already! I did the way forward all by myself, Coach Tim asked me to do only a 5 miles, but by the time I was in near the 2.5 mile water station, I was all set to touch the 3 mile mark.. I met Mike at the 3 mile mark and we waited for Ashoken and came back as a Team - all three of us!.. We met Rol on our way back and we were one of the last teams to finish I guess :-) In all, 6 miles took 1:40 hours for me..

Tuesday Feb 22 - Buddy training again - I was tempted to bunk this session today again, and then I thought its better to go run so that I can save my momentum. So, i went to the Rivermark Plaza, to see Thersa, Suresh and Chris waiting to start running. I paired up with Theresa for a walk/run and we did 2.5 miles - it felt so good.

Thursday Feb 24 - Yesterday it was another train in the rain! We did track work outs.. I was a little disappointed to hear I am in the slow runners/ walkers group but ofcourse, the main intent of my run is to finish the distance with no injuries. So, I am not going to push myself very hard to be part of the faster group.. As a group of four, we did duck walking - means we walk in a line, and the fourth person will walk faster to come to the first position and then the last person now again walks past the first one to be come the new first one.. it was great and the fun element was Theresa. She was finding new new things to say and share between us and it turned out to be a fun walk.. When we finished the 4 laps, i wanted to do more!

I am not going to be running during the weekend.. I would have loved to try it in Snow ;-) but may be i would do something on Monday.. try to do a long run sometime to catch up.. till then..


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