Saturday, February 5, 2011

The awesome Almaden Lake

Today I got up around 7:15 am with a "Oh My God! I am late!". I think if its not for the TEAM, I would have just slept back and it would have been another "No-running day".

Thanks to the TEAM and my commitment, I got up and was in my car by 7:40 with a cup of coffee. It was almost the first time I was going to Almaden Lake park - I dint know where this existed, but I was there by 8:05 and was all inspired to see a group of people already ready to run!

We ran 4 miles - 2 miles one way and then return. I did the first 2 miles in 25.41 mins and slowed down when I got back. I had a few cramps on my leg - near ankle and hence slowed down when I came back. I made quite a lot of friends though!

Ashokan(Ken) from Coimbatore, he is a long timer in San Jose though - been here for last 19 years. He was running after a long time and it was good to know so much history about the place we live. He was practically the only person whom I know of who was going to do the Avenue of Giants with me!

Michael, the first-timer for Marathon - was all inspiring, we were having small quick race with some intermediate destinations.

Shyam, he just joined, and was going to do the half marathon at San Diego. He had already been through the half-marathon so I guess he was going to be ahead of us in the game!

The team captain Rachel brought bottles for people who have collected $500, and when I grabbed one for I had already collected $500 along with the grants I would be getting, it was surprising to see that I was one among a handful of people who had completed that goal!

I also met Rol Chapman - who was one of our Honorees, old man as he was, he had run for about 19-20 years now! Its true when they say he is the Team in Training Institution! He is originally from Oregan and then moved to Cal, he knows more about India and Indians than I do.. he said his neighbors are from my country! Rol had survived cancer and is still running with us every week we go run!

When we were just going back, Lora wanted a ride back to the other parking lot where she put her car and I was so happy to do that.. Lora is from Vietnam and is a mentor.. I think i am going to talk to her about the experience of being a war refugee from Vietnam, since I always wanted to know how it would be.. Sometimes, I think about all those people who moved from another country as a refugee, unlike us, they cant just go back to the place they were born and brought up... its a great loss.. I would like to know what is their perspective!

It was a good run altogether, ofcourse it is a little painful after reaching home, but it was worth the effort as I am still bubbling with all the adrenalin rush it has injected in me!

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