Friday, January 28, 2011


As a matter of fact, from my childhood days, I have been fascinated by the people who can run very long distances! When I was in School, I was not a great runner. My Younger sister used to win medals and cups at our school level games for running, while I would just watch her get the cups and most of the times be taking her pictures..

Life at the Jersey City - suburb of New York, I slowly discovered the runner in me. At that time, my marriage date was fixed and I wanted to look great for the big day. I googled out and joined a local runner's group and surprisingly I got two great friends - Ravi and Jithendra. Jithendra was a old-timer, he was in New York for really long time, He used to tell us stories of 70s and 80s, when we cruised around from Grove Street PATH station to Newport to Hoboken Station. Ravi was a experienced runner, who used to encourage me by trying to keep the pace with me. There were days when I used to skip the train and run all the way to Grove Street PATH and then joined this group.

Even if I am skipping a day or two, they used to wake me up at 6:30 am. Running kept me off from my very stressful office work and made me feel more divine. I never signed up for a marathon or 10K, while Ravi and Jithendra used to go run for half and full marathons every time.

After I came back to San Jose, I didn't like to go around all by myself. I needed company for my runs. I am a morning person while my husband preferred working out in the afternoon. We did go for some small 2 mile runs here and there but then we were never able to stick to a weekend running. I was unable to motivate myself to run all alone.

I was looking for a group, and a commitment while I came across a brochure from Team in Training. I just checked their website and signed up for the information meeting.

It was at this meeting that I was moved! These guys are helping doctors to find a medicine for cancer! I have had relatives who died of Cancer. On those days there was no cure for cancer. These days, not many people can afford to the therapies. Here there is someone who is trying to help the Cancer patients to live a normal and longer life!

I generally take a back seat when it comes to collecting fund for something. But this cause was very motivational that I had decided to join this group and run for saving lives from cancer. Ofcourse, they can easily ask the participant to cover this amount as a training fee, but they want it to be a fund raiser so that more people like me also get to know about this organization and its noble cause.

People in TNT are the real heroes, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure! Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance their mission.

I am going to keep blogging the events of my training every time I can. I am sure you would be following my progress and donate for this cause on this page as much as you can!

And Please do spread the word so that anyone in your acquaintance can get the much needed help as and when needed!